A Lack of Focus.
Or, "It ain't like it used to be."

I learned something this afternoon while out with that old Zenit SLR.  Today... I couldn't get an image in focus in the viewfinder. Nothing. Not a sausage. My initial assumption was I'd broken something (it's been in the boot of the car and bounced up and down the M1 a couple of times this week). What I didn't realise until I'd got home is that my eyes are likely the problem...

When I was young I had 20/20 vision and didn't think twice about this sort of thing. These days I live in front of computer screens and as a result I'm fairly short-sighted.

That's ok, though, because when taking a photo I'm usually only focusing on a phone screen 90% a meter in front of my face. The past couple of times I've taken the SLR out I've had contact lenses in.

Today, though, I didn't have lenses in and I wasn't wearing my specs. Apart from infinity, literally nothing was sharp. As soon as I put my glasses on? I could focus the camera no problem. (Or could I? Just because it looks in focus to my "corrected" vision what's going on to the actual film...?)

This old camera has no dioptre adjustment (which I've just googled and discovered is a thing most modern cameras have) in the viewfinder to correct vision defects, so now I'm even more curious to know if anything I've taken thus far is in focus. Could it be that the antique photographer is more of a liability than the antique camera? 

Posted Sunday, February 18, 2018.

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Purveyors of splendid IT solutions.

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