Planned Obsolescence

FFS. Google have now started putting banners in Inbox (my mail app of choice) to remind everyone that they're killing Inbox next March, something I'd be studiously ignoring since they announced it back in September. I actually wish they hadn’t told me at all because my OCD will be spending the next 6 months evaluating Inbox replacements and rebuilding my "workflow" in them (which mainly consists of repeatedly snoozing mails until I HAVE to deal with them) before I inevitably give up and just revert to using Gmail like they want me to. 

It feels like I’ve been rebuilding a lot of stuff lately. My day job project is a rewrite/enhancement of something I worked on years ago. Looptron (as a viable performance thing) is having to be rebuilt from the ground up because Ableton, MacOS, Guitar Rig, etc have moved on a couple of versions and nothing works properly anymore. I've re-engineered my Jap Mustang to make make it a one trick pony. (It’s a good trick tho.) Even this site has been retooled this past year because the old Tumblr-based one just wasn’t working right anymore. (The platform was bought a couple of times be megacorps who thought they could monetise angsty microgoths. Hah.)

That said, it also feels quite... healthy. Having to re-engage with each thing has made me think about the way I approach them, carving out little efficiencies here and there, discarding things that were of no use. It’s like moving house - you de-clutter. Maybe there’s benefit in burning it all down and starting again from time to time.

The question is, does the benefit outweigh the time it takes to start from scratch? Nope. Obviously. Not even a little bit. It's a horrible time suck.

So thanks for nothing Google. Also, don't kill Inbox and bring back Google Reader.


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Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2018.

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Purveyors of splendid IT solutions.

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